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Webinar: Language Assessment Practices Of Teacher Educators In Chile

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Language assessment literacy (LAL) is commonly understood as the knowledge, skills, and practices of language teachers, learners, and a range of other stakeholders. In the context of teacher education, future English language teachers’ LAL development may largely depend on the quality of assessment knowledge and practices they see modelled by their teacher educators. Therefore, the language assessment practices adopted by teacher educators, when training pre-service teachers, may prove to be pivotal in ensuring fair language assessment practices by the next generation of teachers.

The UNAB English Pedagogy Program kindly invites pre-service and in-service EFL teachers across the country to join our webinar “Language Assessment Practices of Teacher Educators in Chile” to discuss the challenges, concerns, and influences in their assessment practices. The discussion will be led by Dr. Salomé Villa, and chaired by MA Susana Godoy Gavilán, our Professor at Campus Concepción. Participants are encouraged to prepare and ask questions during the webinar.



Dr. Salomé Villa

A language tester, teacher educator, and researcher with expertise in language testing and assessment.

She holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics from Lancaster University.

For more information: [email protected]