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Chilean EFL teachers’ practices in a subsidised school: A case study

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Before the EFL class takes place, educational stakeholders and teachers must juggle with various challenges and limitations. For instance, how do school executive boards and teaching teams make decisions about the design of the EFL program? How do teachers design lesson plans and carry out instruction to covey nurturing classroom environments using the available resources to design activities in alignment with the expected outcomes of their teaching units? What is the role of context in teachers’ practices inside the classroom?

The UNAB English Pedagogy Program kindly invites pre-service and in-service EFL teachers across the country to join our webinar on the role of teachers’ beliefs and practices in the construction and implementation of a common view of the language learning and teaching process through a case study in a Chilean subsidised school. The discussion will be led by TESOL experts Carla Palma and Pamela Lara, chaired by Professor Edgardo Aragú, Director of our English Pedagogy Program at Campus Viña del Mar. Participants are encouraged to prepare and ask questions during the webinar.


Carla Palma is the current Vice-President of TESOL Chile. She was trained as an EFL teacher at Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez. She holds an M.A. in Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching from Lancaster University, England. Her research interests are Second/Foreign Language Socialisation, Agency, Socioemotional learning, and language teaching methodology.

Pamela Lara is an EFL teacher graduated from Universidad Andrés Bello and holds an M.A. in Applied Linguistics as Foreign Language from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Her areas of interest are teacher training and continuing education of EFL Teachers, particularly focused on methodological aspects that may promote interculturalism in the classroom.

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